Mu DarkRage

Mu DarkRage


 1. Two new commands have been added:

/attack - After using the automatic attack command, your hero begins to automatically attack all the monsters in your vicinity.

/offattack - After activating the /attack command, you can use the offline attack command, which does the same as /attack, but allows you to close the game and your hero will stay online to level up or collect resources with the command /pick *.

The offline attack keeps you online for 12 hours (24 hours for VIP accounts).

2. Three new methods of automatic resource collection have been added:
/pick jewels - collects all items from the list:

  • Jewel of Chaos
  • Jewel of Bless
  • Jewel of Soul
  • Jewel of Life
  • Jewel of Creation
  • Zen
  • Loch's Feather
  • Phoenix Feather
  • Hydra Crystal
/pick box1 - collects all items from the list:

  • Box of Heaven
  • Star of Sacred Birth
  • Box of Kundun from +1 to +5
/pick box2 - collects all items from the list:

  • Silver Medal
  • Gold Medal
  • Heart of Love

3. A limiter has been placed on the use of Healing potions; you can now take one potion every 200 milliseconds (if this timing presents a problem, it will be changed).

Published by: omFg
Created at: 2024/02/20 17:51:24

Time Traveler functionality

Traveling through time is a feature that allows you to retrieve a failed item from the Chaos Machine.

To return the item, you must possess a Time Travel Amulet, which you need to assemble from 2 parts, Phoenix Feather and Hydra Crystal.

You can find the parts for the amulet in Icarus and in Atlantis, respectively from Phoenixes and Hydras located at the end of the maps.

Once you have acquired 5 Phoenix Feathers and 5 Hydra Crystals, you need to talk with the NPC Time Traveler, who is located right next to the Chaos Goblin in Noria.

When you talk to him once and have 5 of each part, he will take them and in exchange will give you the Time Travel Amulet. After you have it, you must talk with the Time Traveler again, who will take the amulet and in return will give you a random lost item from the Chaos Machine. Additionally, upon using the amulet, you will be taken one restart back, and your points will be reset. (Note! Items lost before the launch of this system will not be able to be returned, you will only be able to return those that you have lost after this update.) 

Published by: omFg
Created at: 2024/02/18 12:24:31


Please update game from Launcher to get latest updates, without this update, you can't play on Hall of Fame and PK event!
Please read HoF rules in Events -> Hall of Fame section.

Published by: omFg
Created at: 2024/02/17 12:37:10


The Gold Invasion is now hourly

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2024/02/10 22:35:22


Please reopen the game to get all changes!

Points from quest added on resets [Fixed]

Quest System counter [Fixed]

/movetoquest Level requirement [Fixed]

Devil Square bugs [Need global test]

Ice Queen BOSS drop excellent trash items instead of gold trash items [Fixed]

Chaos mix +10 and +11 success rate increased by 15% [Fixed]

Chaos mix Wings 2nd level is change to 50/50 chance to success (with excellent item) [Fixed]

Bring me event crash [Fixed]

Bring me event item requirements is changed to same items but with level from +6 to +9 [Fixed]


Published by: omFg
Created at: 2024/02/10 15:58:23

New Feature

A new feature has been added. If you have left your character online but want to play from another computer at the same time, you just need to log in in a completely normal way. The game will tell you that you are already online, press OK and then enter again

Published by: Admin
Created at: 2024/02/06 23:17:26

New command

A new command /re auto <password> has been added.


What it does:

When you set the command, for example, /re auto 1234, and another player also sets the command /re auto 1234, when you invite each other to a party, the invitation is automatically accepted without confirmation.


If you leave the <password> field empty, anyone will be able to invite you to their party without requiring confirmation.


Additionally, if your command is set this way and you are already in a party, after exiting the game or losing your internet connection, when you reconnect to the game, you will automatically rejoin the party you were in (it's important not to close the game; you must wait to reconnect).


Furthermore, if the server stops, after reconnecting, when you re-invite a member or the party master from the party you were in, you will also be added to the party.


If you want to disable automatic mode, just write /re off command, and after that write /re on to enable make requests with confimations.

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Created at: 2024/02/03 17:59:15


Server started

If you have any problem or questionns, join to our Discord chanel.

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Created at: 2024/01/21 21:22:14